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Homework Architects offers professional design services in the field of architectural design, project planning urban design, Landscape Design, interior design graphic design structural design, including structural integrity, seismic analysis and mechanical/ electrical engineering/ plumbing and air-conditioning

Homework Architects also carries out facilities management, feasibility studies, project management and other design and engineering related professional services.

Our design practice is unique wherein architects and artists work closely together through the whole design process. Every project begins with a clear Identification of the responsibilities of the designer and the client. These responsibilities are co related with time and cost control. Then a system Which allows a continuous monitoring is structured via consultant for execution of the project. Through out each project , key professionals Maintain continuous communication with the client to ensure quality and timeliness of delivery.

It is our first priority to design buildings / interiors which offers the users a comfortable and sophisticated environment through application of Innovative technologies. at every stage we endeavor to provided our clients with outstanding value through and excellent cost and quality balance

why choose homework designs

Proven Expertise

As a renowned firm in India, we bring a wealth of experience and a proven track record of delivering exceptional designs that stand the test of time.

Client-Centric Approach

Your vision is our priority. We work collaboratively with clients, understanding their unique needs and aspirations, to create bespoke solutions that surpass their imaginations.

Cultural Fusion

Seamlessly blending tradition and modernity, our designs reflect the rich cultural tapestry of India, creating spaces that resonate with authenticity and contemporary flair.

Architectural Legacy

Join a league of visionary individuals and businesses who have entrusted their projects to us.Home workdesigs, you're not just getting a service; you're investing in a legacy of architectural brilliance

Commitment to Quality

At Home work design , quality is non-negotiable. Each project is executed with precision and a meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a standard of excellence that exceeds expectations..

Innovative Vision

Transform your dreams into iconic structures with our forward-thinking approach that pushes the boundaries of architectural possibilities.

Ar. Shabbir H Lilamwala Principal Architect

Shabbir H. Lilamwala, a distinguished architect, is a graduate of G. D. Arch. from the esteemed Academy of Architecture Rachana Sansad in Mumbai. With 40 years of immersive practice, Lilamwala’s journey is marked by significant contributions to the field. His formative years as an Associate Architect under the guidance of Hafeez Contractor provided a solid foundation and exposed him to diverse architectural challenges. Currently serving as the principal architect and Partner at Homework Designs, Lilamwala brings a wealth of experience and a nuanced understanding of architectural intricacies to the forefront.

His architectural prowess is deeply rooted in his academic background and enriched by mentorship from Hafeez Contractor. As a principal architect at Homework Designs, Lilamwala continues to shape the architectural landscape, demonstrating a commitment to excellence and a profound understanding of design principles. His 40-year legacy is a testament to his enduring passion for creating spaces that seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics, making him a respected figure in the architectural community.

Ar. Murtaza Lilamwala Principal Architect

Murtaza S. Lilamwala, a seasoned architect with 15 years of practice, possesses a Master’s in Environmental Design from the University of Nottingham and a Bachelor’s from the University of Mumbai. His journey includes a pivotal role at IAG Consultants, where his architectural prowess is evident in environmentally conscious designs. Simultaneously, as an Associate Architect and Partner at Homework Designs, Murtaza has significantly influenced the firm’s trajectory. His leadership and collaborative skills have solidified Homework Designs as a notable player in the industry. Murtaza’s portfolio showcases a diverse range of projects, emphasizing his commitment to sustainable and innovative design solutions. With a foundation built on education and a decade and a half of practical experience, Murtaza S. Lilamwala stands as a respected and innovative figure in the architectural community.

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